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The born of Lemma Studio: crafting the metaphor behind our brand

The inception of Lemma Studio wasn't just about creating another design firm; it was about crafting a narrative, a metaphor that encapsulates our vision and ethos. From the very beginning, our journey has been a fusion of creativity, purpose, and a deep understanding of the brands we work with.

The foundation was laid during the niche selection phase of Web 3.0. It seemed that aligning the studio with a specific niche would be the right move, as it's common in the design industry to deepen expertise in a particular area. However, after extensive brainstorming and strategic analysis, we realized that we wouldn't follow this path. The main idea was to allow the studio to be an extension of ourselves. This doesn't necessarily manifest in the studio's projects but rather in the spirit within the studio. Extraordinary, unique, with its own perspectives and interests.

Naming and metaphor

Choosing the name "Lemma" was not a random act; it was a deliberate decision that reflects our philosophy. If we look to mathematics, which I greatly admire and consider the foundation of everything else, we find that in any complex equation, there isn't just one correct answer — there are often several. The very foundation of solving such an equation allows us to arrive at one answer or another. A lemma is a proven statement used as a stepping stone to a larger truth in mathematics.

This metaphor extends to how we approach our work at Lemma Studio. We don't just create designs; we craft stories and experiences that resonate with the audience on a deeper level. Our work is a reflection of our commitment to pushing boundaries and exploring new possibilities. This is the essence of Lemma Studio — a place where creativity and strategy merge to form innovative solutions.

A starting point

Let's be honest, when a solid foundation is initially established, the subsequent visual messaging is formed as quickly as possible. This was the case for Le:mma as well. The first version of our studio's website was not quite right; it had a lot of chaos. Nevertheless, it allowed us to launch quickly and start taking orders immediately after a successful drop on design platforms.

We built the core of our visual story on the connection between humans, nature, and mathematics through dispersion. To clarify, dispersion of light (light scattering) refers to the phenomenon where the speed of light in a material depends on the light's frequency (or wavelength). This results in the separation of white light into its constituent colors when passing through a prism, which is why we see rainbow-like effects in such objects.

By integrating this concept into our visual narrative, we aimed to create a extraordinary identity for Lemma Studio that stands apart from the rest. This not only reflects our distinct perspectives and interests but also embodies the spirit within our studio — one that is always evolving, exploring, and pushing the boundaries of creativity and design.

The creative process

During the development of our website and subsequently our social media presence, we had many thoughts, ideas, and directions to consider. In such moments, it’s crucial to pause and resist the urge to implement everything at once — it's impossible to do so effectively. Consistency and patience are key to success, and that's the approach we took.

So settled on a core concept and brought it to life, infusing creative elements into key moments without spreading them thin across all sections, as that would be counterproductive. We decided to revisit and enhance the design over time. A studio or agency should be treated like a product – only through iterations can you achieve excellent results. By the way, the first version is still available with a case on Behance, you can take a look

Update after a year

Exactly one year after launching the studio, we began the process of updating it. During this time, we gathered insights based on client feedback. We aimed to visually refine certain elements, reduce unnecessary complexity, and add a new section dedicated to music playlists that reflect our vibe. If you haven’t seen or listened to it yet, welcome on Spotify.

Additionally, we decided to create a more detailed form, similar to a brief but shorter. This allows us to gather more information upfront, streamlining the process.

Now, this will become a tradition. Every year, at the end of January to the beginning of February, the studio will undergo updates — both in terms of visual elements and structural components. This demonstrates our growth and continuous evolution.

The difference between personal and the studio

And finally, I'd like to touch on a topic that often comes up. People sometimes ask why we separate activities, with some projects published under the studio's name and others under my personal page. The studio handles and publishes projects that involve a collaborative effort, where additional perspectives are needed, or when external colleagues are invited to contribute. The size of the project doesn’t matter — it could be large or small. Projects released under my personal name are those where I handle every aspect, from identity to code. These also include exhibition projects and musical visual parts.

I hope you enjoy this format. Stories will be published once or twice a month based on my availability. If there's something specific you'd like to know about a particular project, please reach out via email or private message. Otherwise, I'll be sharing stories that I find interesting.

More process insights, exclusive drops, behind-the-scenes content, and thoughts are available on Patreon.
More process insights, exclusive drops, behind-the-scenes content, and thoughts are available on Patreon.
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